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Once you have finally decided on your photographer and assured yourself that he or she will give you the professionalism and competence you want, there is a very important issue still outstanding. This is locating the venue for the actual shooting of the photographs. The best way for you to be completely satisfied with your wedding pictures is to consult with your photographer about the setting you have chosen for the photo shoot, and actually visit it. Do this just a few days before the wedding, and not very early. The reason is that if you go too long before the wedding, you will find the beautiful flowers or foliage that you picked out in the garden have changed or gone off, or new flowering has created a better spot around the next corner. Go with your photographer to the venue so that you can together check out special features, such as gnarled tree trunks, garden seats, water features, swans, statues or pillars, etc. Choose the same time of the day/evening to match that of your upcoming photographing session, so that you and your photographer can check out light and shade, lighting effects, garden lighting, and background buildings and features. The more you know and have decided beforehand, the less you will have to worry about on the day.

Although most bridal couples prefer to have their wedding photographs taken outside in a garden setting, consider alternatives as well. Dont forget to have a Plan B for your photographic shoot. If the great day dawns and the weather is terrible, make sure your photographers already have a beautiful indoor venue, that will show off your bridal entourage to their best advantage, to fall back on. There are hundreds of possibilities. Think of a penthouse-type glass window with Toronto skyline (especially with lights at night). What about the inside of a greenhouse, orchid house or palm house? Old houses and historic buildings with antique furniture make a gorgeous backdrop if you like that old world look. Any fairly quiet mall or public building that has a waterfall or water feature is worth thinking about. Even a beautifully textured wall that makes a flattering background can result in wonderful shots. The photographer or his team may have a studio with backdrops, a variety of types of lighting, plants, artworks or glassware and mirrors for special effects. In this case it is a good idea to discuss what effects they are in fact looking for, so you dont end up with something that is either sadly bland or too over-the-top kitch! You will need to see their portfolio of studio shots to decide whether or not you like their style.

Outdoor photographs are usually pretty standard and if the setting is right and the bridal group appealing, you should be really happy with the outcome of good professional photos. It is when the setting is unexpectedly indoors or in a studio that the creativity and skill of the photographer really is challenged.
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Venues For Your Wedding Photographer In Toronto

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This article was published on 2010/11/30
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